Why Choose Us?

We will manufacture products according to a unique recipe → We will pack them in appropriate packaging with the customer’s brand logo → We will provide storage and control the shipment time of each batch.

Years of experience in manufacturing products under our own brand name and contract work have formed our main advantages:

Reputation and reliability. All accepted orders, regardless of their volume, are carried out without delay, according to the agreed quality standards. The guarantee for this is the control system of all stages of the production cycle, the professionalism of the employees and the good technical condition of the equipment;

Quality assurance. Our company cooperates with trusted and reliable suppliers of raw materials and packaging. We guarantee safety to our customers: the quality of raw materials and packaging is confirmed by certificates, the conditions of transportation and storage are strictly audited;

Agreed budget. Discussing the price of products and other terms of the contract, our specialists will offer options for different budgets, including limited ones. We use an individual approach and find compromise solutions for non-standard situations;

Confidentiality. Using the recipes and technologies of customers, we guarantee the observance of business ethics and trade secrets.

We can release

Dietary supplements

  1. Phytosyrups
  2. Phytoconcentrates
  3. Herbal teas (fees and herbs) in filter bags
  4. Herbal teas (fees and herbs) in bulk
  5. Means for weight loss in different forms of release
  6. Capsules in the widest range (hard gelatin capsule size “0”)


  1. Sprays (drops) in the nose, oil-based
  2. Sprays (drops) in the nose, water-based with colloidal silver
  3. Throat sprays
  4. Phytogels
  5. Phytocreams
  6. Creams for children
  7. Hand creams
  8. Creams for face, under the eyes, etc.
  9. Ointments
  10. Ointment-based phytobalms
  11. Cream-based phytobalms
  12. Essential oils
  13. Fixed oils
  14. Cream soap
  15. Shower gels
  16. Shampoos
  17. Sunscreens (oils, sprays, creams)

Our most important achievement is our CUSTOMERS, who trust us with their ideas.
And repeated orders confirm our reliability and the correct choice of our PARTNERS.

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